Kirsten Gillibrand’s 2020 “Candidate’s Profile” Reading

Sometimes the tarot is so precise it’s uncanny. Gillibrand has built her campaign around a number of women’s rights issues, and has made a point of identifying herself as a mom. Wouldn’t you know that the Empress – the card signifying the Archetypal Mother – appeared twice in the quintessence section, and the Moon – also symbolic of the Feminine – showed up twice among the quints as well. (I’m sure of that, I triple-checked the numbers.) If alignment with Universal Truth were the only criterion for being elected President, she would be a shoo-in. But of course we all know that isn’t the case, and some might even say the opposite is more accurate. At any rate, she has apparently traded her earlier moderate stance for a more radical, leftist one

Gillibrand's Candidate Profile.JPG
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In the “Social Quotient” line, the typical American male voter sees her running and hopes she keeps right on running – right out of the picture. (8 of Wands reversed)

The typical American female voter sees Gillibrand as her “ticket to ride” and expects sweeping changes to the status of women if  the Senator from New York gets in. (Wheel of Fortune)

Youthful voters also want to welcome her as a “world-changer” but aren’t seeing anything remotely like that yet. (World reversed)

Older voters think she is too self-absorbed and maybe a little too insensitive to their plight to serve their best interests. (Page of Wands reversed)

The quint card is the Empress reversed, suggesting that her motherly concern is not entirely genuine.

In the “Policy Quotient” line, the blue-collar worker wants to be convinced that Gillibrand will strike hard and often at antiquated labor policies. (Ace of Swords)

White-collar workers are prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt as long as she doesn’t monkey too much with their purse-strings. (Page of Pentacles)

Foreign interests have much to lose under Gillibrand, and they know it. (10 of Swords)

The bankers feel an urge to “circle the wagons” and dig in for a long regulatory winter. (8 of Swords)

The quint card is once again the Empress, this time upright. The phrase “Mother knows best” comes to mind.

In the “Moral Quotient” line, religious leader who court her may eventually realize they “backed the wrong horse.” (Chariot reversed)

Overall public opinion is that she is a dark horse who may have trouble overcoming inertia. (Knight of Pentacles reversed)

Network media will probably “go to the well” again with Gillibrand as cup-bearer. (Ace of Cups)

The quint card is the Moon, which has been related to illusion and confusion due to its indistinct light. The implication is that Gillibrand is not operating entirely out in the open.

The Grand Quintessence is also the Moon, strongly reinforcing the idea that something could be seriously amiss in her campaign from an ethical standpoint.

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