What Happened to Linda? – A Missing Person Reading


Linda Minery, who had been missing from Hillsboro, NH since April, was just found dead inside a storage unit that she rented in that town, approximately ten weeks since her disappearance.


Although we don’t like to see validation of our readings in this manner, this one was quite accurate, predicting ten “units of time” until she was found, and that she was most likely deceased and concealed inside a structure of some kind. The reading also suggested “by her own hand,” although it’s difficult to see how she could be locked in the storage unit with one of the doors secured after she went in. However, the police report seems to imply this. More to come on this one.

Original Post:

On Sunday, April 7, 2019, 53-year-old Linda Minery of Hillsborough, NH went missing from her home.


I performed my “World of Hurt” missing-person spread to see if I could learn anything about her whereabouts and condition. I used the Albano-Waite tarot deck for this reading and chose the Queens in advance for the significator pool as being representative of her gender and age.

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I shuffled and cut the 16 court cards and then dealt them into the five “Significater” bins until the first Queen appeared. This was the Queen of Swords in the bin titled “Deceased,” with an implication of foul play and concealment. However, it may not be that straightforward. Minery was described by her family as possibly suffering from undiagnosed mental illness, and the Queen of Swords could show extremely willful single-mindedness about taking things into her own hands.

Next, I shuffled, cut and dealt the 40 minor cards, one each into the two adjacent positions. The minor card in the “Will she be found?” position was the 10 of Swords, indicating an emphatic “No.” But lately I’ve been thinking that the question should really be “Will she be found alive?” in which case a “No” would correlate better with an assumption of “deceased.”

The card in the “When will she be found?” position, which would still apply whether she is alive or dead, was the 10 of Pentacles, nominally meaning 10 units of time. Traditionally, Pentacles relate to years, but tarot is notoriously poor at timing, so it could be 10 months or 10 weeks (but probably not shorter) before she turns up. Pentacles indicate a slow turn of events.

According to the guidance I wrote for the spread, a “No” card (10 of Swords) and a “Yes” card (10 of Pentacles) in combination yield a “No Decision” verdict, essentially a cosmic hung jury. As a “Maybe” card, the Queen of Swords doesn’t tilt the testimony in either direction. Since this just happened, it may be too early to draw a conclusion.

The image on the 10 of Pentacles suggests she is inside a structure of some kind, and the ten swords in the preceding card imply some kind of drastic demise. I’m still thinking that the Queen of Swords conveys “by her own hand.”

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