A Game of Thrones Tarot Cast

I decided that I’m going to do a combined tarot and Lenormand reading to see who among the remaining Game of Thrones characters (that anyone cares about) is likely to survive the White Walker onslaught. But first I had to assign significators to each of them. I will post the outcome tomorrow.

GoT Tarot Cast.JPG

Daenerys Targaryen as the Queen of Wands (Fire)
Jon Snow as the King of Swords (Ice)
Tyrion Lanister as the Knight of Pentacles, the cautious pragmatist
Cersei Lannister as the Queen of Swords, the devious and spiteful bitch
Jaime Lannister as the Knight of Cups, the man of action who slowly acquires sensitivity
Varys as the King of Cups due to his enduring sympathy for the Realm
Brandon Stark as the Page of Cups for his spiritual transformation
Arya Stark as the Knight of Swords because she “sticks them with the pointy end”
Sansa Stark as the Queen of Pentacles because my wife says she seems like a Taurus
Sandor Clegane as the Knight of Wands; he’s afraid of fire but must come to terms with it

As a sidebar, I also decided to characterize certain major forces for both good and evil in the big picture. I may do a separate reading to see which force will win, but not until I deal with the main characters.

The Devil as the White Walker/zombie horde
The Chariot as the Dothraki horde, Daenerys’ cavalry
The Tower as the Night’s Watch, now in disarray
Death as the Night King’s resurrected dragon
The Sun as the two dragons Daenerys has left

3 thoughts on “A Game of Thrones Tarot Cast

    • It’s all guesswork. My opinion is that it’s going to be like Hamlet on steroids. Or like the name of the old gaming kinship in Lord of the Rings Online: Bloodbath and Beyond. Actually, it’s the one I’m going to post today that you won’t want to read.


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