Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 “Candidate’s Profile” Reading

And now the one everybody has been anticipating . . . . For a candidate who has created so much buzz, this is a decidedly dour sequence until we get to the quintessence cards. The Emperor, indicative of overweening ambition, appears not once but twice, while both the Wheel of Fortune and the Chariot show up twice as well, reflecting a tremendous amount of momentum building around Buttigieg’s campaign, although the reversals could derail his train.

Buttegieg Candidate Profile.JPG
All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

In the “Social Quotient” line, the typical American male voter is keeping his opinion cautiously close to the vest, probably in fear of being chastised by the typical American female. (4 of Pentacles)

The typical American female voter feels inspired and energized by the opportunity for a few “old white male” heads to roll. (Queen of Swords)

Younger voters are in something of a box. They feel compelled to like Buttigieg because he’s youthful, but they aren’t yet sure exactly what he stands for. (8 of Swords)

Older voters are saying “Gimme a break!” They suspect they will be “hung out to dry” if he wins. (Hanged Man)

The quint card is the Wheel of Fortune. Just like Bernie Sanders, Buttigieg could incite sweeping social changes if he’s elected, but his candidacy is something of a “crap-shoot.” As Ted Mack used to say on the 1950s Amateur Hour TV show, “Round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows.”

In the “Policy Quotient” line, the blue-color worker will likely feel betrayed and abandoned. (10 of Swords)

The upwardly mobile white-collar professional is entirely comfortable with supporting a benevolent bureaucratic autocracy. (Emperor)

The more liberal foreign entities will be magnanimous toward his policies. (9 of Cups)

See above under “Wheel of Fortune.” The financial markets could be put into a spin by a Buttigieg victory, but it’s hard to say whether that would be an upward spiral or a tailspin. (Wheel of Fortune)

The quint card is the Chariot reversed; there could be a lot of furious wheel-spinning but not much to show for it. Call it “over-torqued and under-tractioned.” I sometimes read this card reversed as “the wheels fell off.”

In the “Moral Quotient” line, religious types would rue his ascension. (5 of Cups)

Overall public opinion is that he doesn’t look like a winner at this point. (6 of Wands reversed)

The network media are feeling nostalgic for Hilary and want to try their hand at king-making again; Buttigieg looks like someone they can sell. (6 of Cups reversed)

The quint card is once again the Chariot reversed. There could be some vigorous jousting regarding his moral persuasions, but this could be where the wheels really do fall off with the broader cross-section of American voters.

The Grand Quintessence is the Emperor reversed. Despite his unshakable self-assurance, it doesn’t seem likely that Buttigieg will ascend to the throne.

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