Cory Booker’s 2020 “Candidate’s Profile” Reading

Another straightforward read here. Cory Booker has also declared his candidacy for the office of President. No Emperor in this spread; maybe Booker and Bernie Sanders are both perceived as more egalitarian. (Note that I said “perceived as;” this is still American politicians we’re talking about.) I’ve also noticed that the Hierophant has appeared in all but one reading, often reversed (there is a definite distaste for “politics as usual” among the electorate) and the High Priestess recurs as well (transparency is in short supply).

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

In the “Social Quotient” line, the typical American male voter is mightily distrustful of Booker’s intentions. (Devil reversed)

The typical American female voter is wistfully hoping she will fall in love with him as a Presidential hopeful, but she isn’t there yet. (10 of Cups reversed)

Youthful voters are expecting miracles of him, imagining that he can pull a rabbit out of a hat and win. (Magician)

Older voters are just plain afraid . . . very afraid . . . of his agenda (10 of Swords)

The quint is the Chariot. Booker is the epitome of the “Social Justice Warrior” who is light on his feet, like Muhammad Ali but not as pretty.

In the “Policy Quotient” line, the blue-collar worker is alarmed that Booker might steal away with his sense of well-being. (8 of Cups)

To the white-collar worker, he is a bemusing enigma. (Page of Cups reversed)

If he wins the election, foreign interests will be covering their asses . . . uh, “assets.” (4 of Pentacles)

Booker’s campaign funding might dry up before he is able to solidify his position. (Knight of Pentacles reversed)

The quint is Justice reversed. There is more to savvy policy-making than simply visiting justice upon those who stray from the script. It isn’t clear that Booker has what it takes to engineer sound decisions.

In the “Moral Quotient” line, the Religious Right is looking for its “terrible swift sword” but has been slow to react, cutting Booker some slack. (King of Swords reversed)

Overall public opinion is that he has positioned himself as a “Young Lion” taking on the “old white male” Establishment. (Strength)

The media opinion mill will grind “slow and exceeding fine” before it spits out a verdict on Booker. It seems they aren’t entirely reconciled to the idea of him as President (after all, he isn’t Hilary). (Justice reversed)

The quint is the Hermit reversed. In the end, Booker could be standing alone with bowed head, trying to figure out what happened.

The Grand Quintessence is Death reversed. This does not seem to end well for Mr. Booker.

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