Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 “Candidate’s Profile” Reading

These readings are starting to get more streamlined as I work my way down the list. Elizabeth Warren has already declared her candidacy for President.

Warren Candidate Profile.JPG
All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

In the “Social Quotient” line, the eternally skeptical American male sees her as an idle slacker who won’t deliver what she promises. (7 of Pentacles reversed)

The typical American female thinks she is decisive, direct and hard-nosed. (King of Swords)

Youthful voters are divided but tend to find her intelligent and passionate. (Lovers)

Older voters are anticipating the worst. (Tower)

The quint card is Justice; she will probably be on the wrong side in the inevitable shake-out of the overcrowded field.

In the “Policy Quotient” line, blue-collar workers might get behind her if she “shows them the money.” (King of Pentacles)

White-collar workers are thoroughly bored with her and distrustful of her motives; they aren’t buying what she’s selling. (4 of Cups reversed)

Foreign governments are withholding judgement. (2 of Swords reversed)

The bankers are skittish and prepared to desert her in a heartbeat. (King of Cups reversed)

The quint card is the Lovers reversed. She is as guilty as the next candidate of self-serving double-talk.

In the “Moral Quotient” line, she is keeping the religious contingent up at night worrying. (9 of Swords reversed)

Overall public opinion is that she is another under-qualified pretender to the throne who has a misplaced sense of superiority. (Emperor reversed)

She may wind up becoming a media darling (which is not quite the gold-plated endorsement it once was). (9 of Pentacles)

The quint card is the Hierophant reversed. She is another drab Washington workhorse who won’t be able to get a grip on the moderate and conservative vote.

The Grand Quintessence is the High Priestess. Nobody can quite fathom what she stands for.

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