Bernie Sanders’ 2020 “Candidate’s Profile” Reading

As promised, I performed my “Candidate’s Tarot Profile” spread on Bernie Sanders’ 2020 run for President of the United States. The bottom line is that he might be electable if he can convince enough people that he really is on their side. As we shall see, this could be a tough nut to crack. Note that all observations herein are hypothetical and based solely on the card that was drawn in each position, so if I veer away from “maybe” into the realm of apparent certainty, be assured it was an oversight.

Bernie Candidacy.JPG
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In the “Social Quotient” quint line, Bernie’s credibility with the mainstream American male is questionable since he could be seen as a bureaucratic codger (eccentric elderly fellow) and too much of an isolated maverick. (Hermit)

He doesn’t fair any better with the average American female, who may see him as something of an ineffectual political drudge, and a fussy one at that (3 of Pentacles reversed).

He may be viewed as scrupulously ordinary by the politically disaffected youth, who want someone more exciting and inspiring, not to mention younger (Hierophant reversed).

For the mature voters (who are likely to be more well-off financially), his socialist agenda could be seen as their “worst nightmare” (9 of Swords).

The quintessence card is the Wheel of Fortune. While he might bring sweeping social changes if elected, in the final analysis his bid for the presidency could be perceived as a real “crap-shoot.”

In the “Policy Quotient” quint line (which addresses his policy-level credibility), he may be able to lull the blue-collar workforce into believing that he could be their savior in Washington. (Sun)

He will most likely give white-collar professionals heartburn with his views on private wealth (3 of Hearts reversed).

The governments of other nations, with their more liberal leanings, may see him as a breath of fresh air, visiting overdue judgment on the bastions of the Conservative Right. (Judgement)

The financial markets may cut him some slack until they see which way the wind blows; they seem uncharacteristically benign here, but it could just be residual “Trump euphoria.” (Empress).

The quint card is the Hanged Man, indicating that he may have difficulty getting anything going in Washington. He will probably be shrugged off by the Establishment.

In the “Moral Quotient” quint line (which explores his personal values and virtues),  religious types will most likely see him (and his secular socialist persuasions) as a godless “snake-in-the-grass.” (7 of Cups); any attempts to convince them otherwise might be construed as politically-expedient pandering.

Although he might like to wield the wrathful “sword of justice,” public opinion could largely weigh against him as being incapable of rendering decisive judgments (Queen of Swords reversed).

The network media will almost certainly work on his behalf at the grass-roots level if he emerges as a front-runner (8 of Pentacles); they got burned advocating for Hilary Clinton and won’t let that happen again.

The quint card is the High Priestess, showing that the workings of his inner moral compass may be high-minded but ultimately ambiguous. Like the Hermit, he could be more than a little remote.

The Grand Quintessence is the Lovers. As implied above, he will have to do a prodigious amount of borderline inveigling to get both wings of the electorate solidly on his side in order to pull off a win. I think the demographic tide is turned against him.

2 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ 2020 “Candidate’s Profile” Reading

  1. I really enjoy these political readings. Though I dont know regarding how Hes viewed. Granted, the State I’m from is quite liberal, and everyone seems to love Bernie, but also the momentum hes had since he announced his candidacy kind of blows me away. But definitely on the mark with how the older wealthy generations find him. Have you done a profile on Joe Biden yet? I’m not a supporter, but I think lots of people will be, especially as he somewhat represents the old times if before Trump. Anyway, I really like these readings!

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