2020 Presidential Candidate’s Tarot Profile Spread

I’ve just created a spread to examine the credibility (aka “cred”) of the bumper crop of 2020 US presidential candidates among various demographics of the electorate and also within a number of other crucial “opinion-mills.” The bottom line is an assessment of a candidate’s overall electability. I tried to keep like parameters together under a single “quint-card” umbrella (Social, Policy-level or Moral/Personal) and mostly succeeded. The one area that might warrant explanation is how public credibility differs from that of the gender-and-age-group subsets. The idea is that the former is a more studied understanding of a candidate’s qualifications across a broad spectrum of likely voters, while the latter is a “popularity contest” of emotional likes and dislikes among supporters and detractors. Stay tuned for my analysis of Bernie Sanders’ candidacy. Feel free to try this for yourself.

Candidate Profile Spread.JPG


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