A Horary Slam-Dunk

I recently lost the gemstone out of one of my rings. First, I’ll pass on what I know about the situation: I had just finished shaving, had let the water out of the sink and was washing my hands when I noticed that the setting of the ring was empty, although the stone had been intact earlier that morning. My assumption is that it came loose during wash-up and was flushed down the drain. The ring is over 40 years old and I never had the prongs checked. I decided to do a horary chart to see where it might be and whether it could be recovered.

lost diamond horary.gif

The second house of movable personal property is ruled by the Moon, so I used that as the Significator for the lost gemstone. (I debated whether to use the Sun as 4th-House ruler symbolic of “buried treasure” but decided the Moon was a better fit since it is also the traditional ruler of all lost objects.) The Moon is situated in Capricorn in the 8th House. I use John Frawley’s Horary Textbook as my primary reference since it has proven to be remarkably accurate in the past. Frawley says the 8th House relates to the bathroom (the place where elimination of waste occurs) and consequently to the toilet and the septic plumbing. Capricorn is an Earth sign, which can show that the lost item is on or beneath the floor. Since I was occupied in the upstairs bathroom when I noticed that the stone was missing, and the sink drain penetrates the floor on its way to the septic tank, these indications are almost unquestionably accurate. All of the planets are above the horizon, showing “upstairs,” offering the only hope that the ring is still there. I would have to take the drain trap apart to see if it didn’t go down, but the fittings appear to be glued together. A careful search of the bathroom floor and trash can turned up nothing.

The Moon is in its detriment in Capricorn and is therefore debilitated, offering scant hope that the stone will be located. I also find it interesting that the two planets associated with the Underworld, Pluto and Saturn, are both in the 8th House in Capricorn and close to the Moon, although the latter is separating from conjunction. The South Node (which was at one time interpreted to mean severing of connections, although Frawley simply says “North good, South bad”) is conjunct Pluto as well, and both are conjunct the Moon-Saturn midpoint. (I recognize that neither Pluto nor midpoint theory has anything to do with traditional horary astrology, but Frawley does say that planets in the same sign – as here – cast an influence on one another no matter how far apart.)

There is no close contact between the Moon and Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendant (representing the querent, me), another clue that the item is unlikely to be found. Although trivial, the Moon is in the term of Saturn, also a discouraging sign that the gem is indeed out of reach. The Moon is applying to a trine to Mars, but neither has much affinity for the other, so this doesn’t seem to offer any help, especially with Mars in the 12th House and in its traditional detriment; maybe it just shows that the stone got a “good flush”). Neither does the fact that both the Sun and the Moon are above the horizon, supposedly shedding their light on the situation. The North Node in the 2nd House is a weak positive, but the 8th-House South Node seems more dominant.

This looks like an “open-and-shut case” to me. There is really no need to do anything fancier with the chart in the way of horary analysis since it seems to square well with the apparent facts.

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