A “Counting Round” Example Reading

Rather than doing a new reading to test my ideas on card-counting with my “Knights’ Crossing” spread, I decided to apply them to the “Mueller’s Madness” reading I did yesterday.

All images copyright Lynne Boyle

The five-card line derived from the 3×3 square was Book-Man-Mice-Clover-Fish, which I would read as “The individual who is the subject of the report (Book+Man) is soiled by its revelations (Mice), losing some of his “abundant luck” (Mice+Clover+Fish), perhaps referring to a loss of credibility. The highlighted “handle” cards, beginning with the House, are Whip, Tree and Coffin (here I will ignore Ship at the end), showing that the House of Representatives (House), despite their most inflammatory arguments (Whip) about the threat of the Man to the nation’s well-being (Tree), will come up dry (Coffin) in their efforts to incriminate their target. This is basically the “Cliff’s Notes” version of what the original reading predicted. (Alternatively, this could be read as “The White House (House) is accused (Whip) of being a threat to the nation’s well-being (Tree), and is brought down (Coffin),” but I don’t think it’s likely since the Scythe isn’t present.)

At least from first indications, I believe this is going to be a worthwhile addition to my Lenormand toolbox.

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