Long-Distance Travel Forecast: Return Trip


We did hit delays in the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania, where it was extremely foggy and slushy, and the road maintenance was less than stellar. Then there was a combination of poor visibility and three accidents between Connecticut and Massachusetts that caused more minor slow-downs. We lost maybe an hour overall.

Original Post:

My work with the Heloise Lenormand continues to impress. It has been giving me answers that are never ambiguous, although whether it is right more often than not remains to be seen.  But that’s true of any deck, new or old.

We are scheduled to return by car to New Hampshire on Saturday from our vacation in the southeastern US. I did another five-card reading with the Heloise for the second leg of our journey.

All images copyright Lynne Boyle

Man + Sun and Man mirroring Rider suggests that travel will be pleasant for the most part. Mountain + Tower does pose a question as to whether we will encounter detours or roadblocks caused by the interstate highway authority (Tower + Rider) that will slow us down; but Sun mirroring Tower makes me think they will be routine and of little consequence rather than extraordinarily challenging. (In years past the area around Scranton, PA has been a nightmare of construction delays.) It had been looking like wintry weather in the Northeast might be a cause for concern, delaying our start, but that seems to be fading now. From these cards, I anticipate that we will arrive with little real difficulty, although maybe slightly later than we hoped.

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