Home of the Strange

Imagine an unhinged Frank Sinatra crooning:

Home, home of the strange
Where the seer and the astrologue play
Where seldom is heard a Discordian* word
And the skrys are not cloudy all day.

(Sorry about that, Dr. Higley. And yes, Sinatra did record Higley’s original in 1946)

I finally have my reading space and occult library set up the way I want them in our new home, with a dedicated office just for that purpose. This is for personal readings only , since I don’t invite clients into my home. The computer desk, printer, scanner, music center, crystal-ball stand/file cabinet and deck storage cabinet are at the other end of the room. It’s my “divination cave,” but I have to be wary of becoming a hermit there.



I keep this covered with a cloth most of the time. Despite that nasty bit of doggerel above, it usually isn’t dark enough here (streetlights out front) to do any crystal-ball skrying, cloudy or otherwise.


A small portion of my occult library.

* http://www.principiadiscordia.com/ (I’m more of a pantheist myself.)

3 thoughts on “Home of the Strange

  1. Might be asking too much, but for what it is worth, I’d love to see what’s on the shelves of that occult library of yours. Libraries often show the journey of another better than most outlets can. 🙂 Either way, awesome divination space! ❤

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