A Long-Distance Travel Forecast

UPDATE #2: We hit overnight snow rather than rain at the midpoint of the trip. The remainder of the journey was uneventful.


The weather is iffy for Thursday morning when we hoped to leave, so we might have to wait until Friday. The Mice at work eating holes in our plans!

Original Post:

Later this week we are taking a lengthy trip by car from New Hampshire to North Carolina to visit our daughter. I did a 5-card line reading with the Heloise Lenormand to look at how the journey will go.

All images copyright Lynne Boyle

Mice + Ship at the beginning suggests that there could be some worries in getting out the door. Although “car trouble” might be indicated, our car is relatively new, so I think it could be related more to deteriorating travel conditions. It is still winter here, after all.

Ship “validates” the reading, to use Rana George’s term. Yup, this is about long-distance travel. Ship + Moon suggests the task (work) of driving, which we will share. As the “hinge” card, Moon shows that emotional satisfaction is the focus of the effort.

Fish + Ring indicates that the trip will go smoothly (“swimmingly,” to hazard an unfortunate pun), and we will get to the other end (“make connections”) in fine shape; we will have plenty of money to pay for the vacation. But Fish might also mean that we will encounter rain along the way.

This reading doesn’t cover the return trip, but Ring at the end here implies that it is only part of a cycle. I’ll be bringing my cards and will read on that before we start back.


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