A “Personalized Grand Tableau” Example Reading

This reading demonstrates the method I came up with for “personalizing” the Grand Tableau by interjecting a middle card – the “querent’s interface” – between the house position and the reading card at each of the 36 locations of the tableau. The idea is that this intermediary card will provide a catalyst for the influence of the house to merge with the meaning of the reading card through the querents’ active engagement. We might think of it as “opening the door.” I used my GT house template as the foundation of the layout, with the Blue Owl deck for the interface cards and the Piatnik deck for the reading proper. The question I asked was “How will I fare in my efforts to connect with the esoteric community in my new hometown over the next six months?”

All images copyright Konigsfurt-Urania

My primary Significator (Man) appeared in the house of the Man, with the Bear as the interface card. It seems some self-promotion will be in order, with the Bear showing that I will be strongly situated to make an energetic outreach.  The Birds in the house of the Garden immediately above with the Storks as interface suggests that my efforts to communicate  with the local New Age networks regarding my interest will be successful. I have already made on-line contact with several meet-up groups, and have only to make the effort to attend and start that ball rolling.

However, most of these organizations are run by women, and there may be some discomfort with letting a dominant male presence into the picture. (Not that I’m particularly aggressive, but I am a child of mid-20th-century culture.) This is reflected in a couple of ways. The Cross is in the house of the High Tower, above and touching the Man, with the Woman as interface; I’m thinking that this shows a certain standoffishness on the part of these women. The Woman in the house of the Book with the House as interface may mean that, like Monty Python’s Prince Walter, my credentials will have to be “in the book AND in the forward” before they consider letting me in the door. The High Tower below the Man in the house of the Fish with the Whip as interface card may further constrain my opportunities for rewarding engagement; maybe there will be a “quarantine period” and it will do no good to argue. The Key is in the House of the Woman immediately to the right of the Man, which I would normally see as a good omen involving women. But the Clouds is the interface card, and the Clouds card also appears as the reading card to the Man’s left, in the house of the Letter with the Child as interface card. It seems that my wholly innocent intentions could be misconstrued, my optimism may be premature, and I could be “written off” before I even get started.

My secondary Significator, the Garden reflecting the public-networking nature of my initiative, is above and touching the Man in the house of the Mountain, with the Mountain as interface card: I’m facing a steep climb to the summit of my ambitions. Although the Man knights to the Bear sitting just to the Garden’s right, reinforcing the previous impression of strong credibility, the Bear is in the house of the Crossroads with the Snake intervening. Not only will the path be steep, it won’t be straight and could have many forks. On the other hand, the end of the Man’s row looks more encouraging. The Bouquet in the house of the Lilies with Lilies as interface could mean that an attractive offer will emerge that will bring happiness, while the Stars in the house of the Sun with the Rider intervening look like its salutary arrival will be prompt. The Lilies in the house of the Moon with the Ship intervening suggests that an enterprise that rests on my reputation could be well-favored. The Man and the Garden intersect at the Key and the Birds, making a four-card mini-tableau that gives me hope.

This brief partial reading is sufficient to show how the interface cards can be used, although I’m not sure I applied them exactly as I originally intended. As always, this is a work-in-progress and may change with more experience. So far it looks promising.

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