A “Deck’s Agenda” Example Reading

Last week I did a Lenormand 3×3 spread for an acquaintance who is being considered for a new job at a different company. Although prospects looked good for him, the situation hasn’t come to its conclusion yet, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to test this tarot spread. I have since learned a few things about the company that makes it even more attractive to do so.

The company is owned by a born-again Christian fundamentalist who apparently has a penchant for injecting his troops with religious doctrine at company meetings, if Facebook testimony is to be believed. Judging from online commentary from ex-employees, while the company is a good place to work there is a perception that they only promote people who attend the owner’s church. The cards that came up in the spread could not be more literal and appropriate for this scenario. The first pull was sufficient to give me an answer to “What does my friend really need to know about this matter?” but I dealt three additional cards from the bottom of the deck to test the “hidden factors” option. I used the Golden Universal deck with reversals, and pre-selected the 3 of Pentacles (“Work” in the Thoth deck) as the topic card. The RWS version shows a craftsman working in a cathedral; hold that thought!

All images copyright Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Italy

The company hasn’t had an incumbent in this supervisory position for some time, and the role has been filled by another department. The 8 of Wands reversed in the “Insight” position and the 10 of Wands in the “Advice” position suggest that my friend will be challenged to come up to speed with his new responsibilities rapidly and won’t be able to “ease into” the job; he will most likely be burdened right from the start and should expect as much. The Hierophant as the quint clearly portrays “you-know-who,” and, knowing my friend to be a non-believer, I don’t think it’s showing him rising high in the estimation of his hyper-religious potential boss. He will probably remain at the 10 of Wands level for the foreseeable future.

The three “shadow” cards provided insights about his current job situation and the issues that drove him to initiate a move. The Tower and the Empress reversed imply that he is “sitting on a powder keg,” which reinforces the testimony in the Lenormand reading that something is about to break at his present company. He stands to lose some of his job satisfaction and possibly some compensation if he stays. The Knight of Pentacles advises him to keep his horse saddled and ready for an abrupt departure (in other words, “don’t let any grass grow under his feet”). The Chariot as the quint card leaves little doubt that a move is in store for him.

Although I don’t show it in the picture, the “Grand Quintessence” in this reading (a numerical roll-up of the two preliminary quint cards) was the Hanged Man. The immediate implication is that nothing is going to happen for him right away, but the broader long-range outlook is that his hoped-for upward mobility in the company may be a long time coming, leaving him with the 10-of-Wands “grind” as his lot for quite a while. I see job security here, but not a lot of managerial growth potential unless I further reduce the Grand Quint to the Empress (1+2 = 3), which shows that he could still be “sitting pretty” financially even if his management advancement stalls. On balance, this looks like a good opportunity for him.

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