A “Spiritual Release” Example Reading

This was an interesting exercise because I have been on an esoteric spiritual journey for over four decades, and count myself among the 37% of Americans who consider themselves “spiritual but not religious.” I used the Radiant RWS for this reading.

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Card #1 – “What I Know” (The Footing): High Priestess

I believe this card is talking about the wisdom to recognize just how much there is still to learn. I see it as a profoundly humbling message, not an indication of mastery.

Card #2 – “What I Seek” (The Launchpad): 2 of Cups

One of the goals in accomplishing our move to a more populous area was to make contact with other kindred spirits in the metaphysical community. The 2 of Cups as the “Inspiration or Trigger” is a perfect expression of the emotional connection I’m after.

The Philosophical Path:

Card #3 – “What I Think” (Empirical Trajectory): 5 of Pentacles

This cautionary card is indicating that I should not expect too much in the way of mundane recognition or gratification on this path. The destitute people in the card are walking right past the sanctuary. As a realist I fully expected this development, despite hoping for better. The first step is almost always the hardest.

Card #5 – Pivotal Event (“Breakout”): Page of Cups

I really like this version of the card, if only because I can call it “Hamlet Contemplating the Scrod of Yorick.” Here it is telling me to approach the path with a sense of innocence and a fresh perspective, which will ideally open my eyes and heart to new possibilities. The caveat is to stay focused and not become emotionally distracted or bemused.

Card #7 – Escape Velocity Reached (“Clearing”): Page of Swords

Plenty of new ideas on tap, awaiting only a firm hand to bring them to fruition. Unfortunately, the Page may be too callow to make the most of them. As a lightweight he isn’t able to help me gain much traction in expanding my philosophical horizons. He appears to be off-balance and hesitant , not sure whether to step back or forward with his right foot. Opportunities that present themselves may only be false starts.

Card #9 – New Reality (“Peaking”): 8 of Swords

This looks like the result of the Page of Swords’ indecisiveness; lots of competing and conflicting ideas to confront but no clear path through all of it. I see this as a card of “stalemate,” if not necessarily “checkmate.” But I’ve always noted that the woman’s feet are in the water that is flowing off the lower-right corner of the card. I believe the intimation is that I should be on the other path.

Card #11 – Outcome “(Settling In”): 6 of Pentacles

This is much better than the 5 of Pentacles, but still not a very exalted outlook. It looks like a retreat into my comfort zone from the confounding dilemma of the 8 of Swords. Maybe – like Candide – I will just end up “tending my garden” (this blog and my studies) if I pursue this path.

The Mystical Path:

Card #4 – “What I Feel” (Intuitive Trajectory): 2 of Swords

This card has always looked inert to me, like nothing is going on upstairs. As a first step it looks like no step at all. It seems to be telling me to remain uncommitted and bide my time. Fair enough, I’ve only been here a few weeks. It could also be saying that I’m not a “natural” for this path, in contradiction to the 2 of Cups.

Card #6 – Pivotal Event (“Breakout”): Ace of Pentacles:

This card implies a strong start. I’ve always thought the angelic hand holding the coin looked like a bowler about to roll it briskly through the gate and on down the road. The portal through the wall is open so there is nothing standing in my way on this path. There is fertile ground to be plowed.

Card #8 – Escape Velocity Reached (“Clearing”): King of Pentacles

This King is solid (if also stolid). He is the culmination of the auspicious beginning implied by the preceding Ace. There is a good possibility I will become well-established in my chosen pursuits. This has “elder statesman” written all over it.

Card #10 – New Reality (“Peaking”): Knight of Swords

This card is everything the Page of Swords isn’t. He exhibits a fierce resolve and unstoppable momentum. All I have to do is pull the trigger and set him in motion. The downside is that he could come on too strong and intimidate those I’m trying to woo into sharing their time and energy.

Card #12 – Outcome “(Settling In”): 4 of Pentacles

This is the third Pentacle in this chain, and it echoes the stability of the King of Pentacles. It seems to me that if I take up with the mystical community here I will find the home I seek, although it may not be a perfect fit since I don’t style myself as an “empath,” a “star-seed” or a “shaman.”


Although I’ve been on the philosophical path most of my life, this reading is telling me that it’s taken me about as far as it can if my goal is exposure to a larger community of like-minded esoteric students and practitioners. The mystical path is likely to open more doors here.

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