A “Spiritual Release” Spread

Many of us spend years seeking the most inspiring and rewarding personal path to spiritual enlightenment (or at least those of us do who refuse to swallow the “faith” pill). I envision both a philosophical and a mystical trajectory to this goal, depending on whether one is predominantly a “thinker” or a “feeler.” For those who aren’t sure, here is a layout to help assess your options. I used a science-fiction “escape pod” motif to indicate transcending the “bonds of Earth” by reaching the requisite “escape velocity.” The odd-numbered cards (“left-brain” side) imply active and critical pursuit, while the even-numbered cards (“right-brain” side) suggest stoical acceptance of what is received. This is more a spiritual repositioning and growth tool than a spread for divining the future. Reversals are not intended to be used with this spread.

Spiritual Escape Pod Spread.JPG


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