A Lenormand Job-Opportunity Reading

Update: He got the job!

Original Post:

An acquaintance of mine recently interviewed for an employment opening at a different company. Job security in his current position is in some doubt since there could be a staff downsizing in the near future. I asked what the outcome of the interview will be, using the Blue Owl deck and a 3×3 square spread without a pre-selected Significator. This turned out to be a very simple, straightforward reading that hit all the key points.

All images copyright Konigsfurt-Urania


The long-range viability of his present position (Tree) is being undermined and he could be served up a career “dead end” (Coffin.) He has been hearing rumors (Birds) of staff restructuring, which typically means “shedding” (Coffin), that have been causing him mental and emotional stress (Tree-Birds).


He will be pleased (Sun) to receive a written offer (Letter) that meets his salary expectations (Fish).


With his wife’s support (Lady), he will move on (Storks) to a more prestigious position (Moon).


A female subordinate of his (a different Lady) has been a cause of concern for management, and she may well receive her termination papers (Coffin-Letter) as a result of the downsizing, leaving him shorthanded. This could be part of the master plan: eliminate staff and squeeze more productivity out of the survivors.


His sense of well-being (Tree) will be immediately improved (Sun) by a fortunate move (Storks).


His salary requirements (Fish) are being discussed by hiring personnel (Birds) and it looks like there could be alignment with the pay scale for the new position (Moon)


The rug may be pulled out from under him at his present company (Coffin) but there is an excellent chance (Sun) that he will be seriously considered for the new job (Moon).


His wife (Lady) will encourage him (Sun) to take the job, which will mean a shorter commute for him (Birds).


The new company is well established (Tree) and is favorably inclined (Sun) toward making an offer (Letter) that satisfies his salary demands (Fish), resulting in a fortunate move for him (Storks).

Some of the playing-card insets are especially interesting and revealing here. I’m using Kapherus’ playing-card material for these interpretations.

Ace of Diamonds: Written news, letter, message, invitation, important document. New beginning, fresh start, new phase of life, something brand new.

7 of Diamonds: Financial achievement, rewards and recognition, earned success, steady improvement, efforts rewarded.

Ace of Spades: Death and rebirth, an ending and new beginning, transformation, a major life change.

7 of Spades: Traditionally a card of bad luck, an unhappy surprise, frustration, a lack of progress, a stalemate. (I’m thinking that the worst that can come of this, given the positive nature of so much of the rest, is that the offered compensation may not be as much as requested, resulting in a need for negotiation.)

5 of Cups: Desired opportunity, proposal which brings happiness and success, satisfy one’s desires, fulfill a dream.

8 of Cups: Happiness, comfort, emotional connection, emotional balance, warmth, enjoyment, relaxation, protection.

This reading demonstrates the extremely literal precision of the Lenormand method. The Sun at the center of the spread with Fish, Storks and Moon in its future leaves little doubt that a job change is imminent (if not at this company then another one in his interview queue). Coffin in the first position may simply mean that his current job is coming to an end, but the Sun provides an ample safety net, impelling him (Storks) to a more rewarding opportunity (Moon).

2 thoughts on “A Lenormand Job-Opportunity Reading

  1. Thanks for this post. It really helps me with my Lenormand skills which I am trying to beef up before I attend Mary K. Greer’s Lenormand workshop at the NW Tarot Symposium in Portland OR in March.

    I have to admit though, that when I first read the title of this post, I thought it was a job offer to read Lenormand. Which makes me wonder why “On-Site Cartomancer” is not a standard job position at every company.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had a number of delightful and insightful conversations with Mary about Lenormand while she was still an AT member. Traditionalists don’t count her among their numbers (I’m being kind), seeing her mainly as an RWS specialist. But she was willing to listen to and comment intelligently on some of my more off-beat ideas. I also have a friend who does (or did) work with corporations, doing management seminars using the Voyager Tarot.


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