Lost Book: A Lenormand Lost & Found Reading

This example reading for my Lenormand lost & found approach is instructive for what it doesn’t show me. I lost a book in our recent move. It wasn’t a valuable book, just part of a two-volume set that leaves its partner orphaned on the bookshelf. We have been through all our shipping boxes now, and no book. My suspicion is that the movers lost a box when they loaded up our property after having it in warehouse storage for two months. More than likely they delivered it to someone else, since we miraculously acquired a stepladder and a couple of low stools that we didn’t own before our move.

I used the Gilded Reverie Lenormand for the base layer of “movable house” cards and the Blue Owl for the overlay, with the Book as my Significator – or pointer – card. As you can see from the photo, the Book card did not appear in the overlay, telling me that the lost book will not be found. While the spread might have shown me that the object is far to the south of us in the mover’s warehouse, instead it’s saying that it is not locatable, suggesting that it has passed out of reach along with whatever else was in the box. Although I don’t intend to read the overlay and house card combinations in any way  except for the one that holds the Significator (not applicable here), I notice that the Mice card is sitting on the central position of the layout (the querent’s location), symbolic of loss, and the Cross comes before it with the Clouds following. Not a hopeful scenario, even though the Star is the querent’s “house” card. There was a gradual nibbling away of my confidence in finding the book as our unpacking progressed. This is just incidental information that seems relevant and interesting, but it’s secondary to the purpose of the spread.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT and Konigsfurt-Urania

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