The “Parallel Universe” Dual-Timeline Spread

I’ve been reading Caitlin Matthews’ new book, Untold Tarot, and came across an idea that I’ve seen before and even applied once in a slightly different way, but it inspired me to reconsider and approach it from a fresh perspective. She takes a trump card (her example was the Moon) and draws a single card to place above it and one to place below it, respectively showing overt, or known, and covert, or unknown, influences of that trump when it appears in a reading. I decided to take this concept and extend it over time using the 3-card “Past/Present/Future” model as the baseline, but instead displaying two parallel development paths, one for the known factors and one for the more hidden aspects of a situation. Also, I don’t limit the central Focus Card to a trump and allow any card that fits the context to be used. This spread makes use of the quintessence technique to produce a three-card “end of the matter” trump-card narrative and a single trump as the Outcome Card reflecting whether the situation will play out in a fortunate or less desirable manner. Reversals can be applied to increase the level of detail in the reading.


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