Update: “Changing Gears” Reading

On September 1st of last year I did a reading to assess our chances of finding another home to buy in eastern New Hampshire after our first deal fell through.


The outcome card for that reading was the Chariot as quintessence; it predicted that we would be “on the move” and would likely succeed in our efforts. This turned out to be the case, but we had to have a house built from scratch to get what we wanted. The 3 of Pentacles followed by the Page of Pentacles neatly summarized the “new construction” environment we found ourselves in, dealing with builders and contractors over a three-month period. The 3 of Swords and 10 of Wands reflected some of the exasperating trials and tribulations we experienced in lining up the legal and financial aspects of the purchase, which literally went right down to the wire on the day of closing.

I’m in the middle of setting up my home office/divination space now, and will be back to regular posting as soon as that and other household catch-up chores are completed. There may be a couple of new decks on the horizon to report on, and as soon as I finish Caitlin Matthews’ The Untold Tarot, I will post a book review.

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