Where Is Robert? – A Missing Person Reading

UPDATE: Following up on this old reading, I discovered that Robert Stanley was found dead in a long-abandoned boiler room of a hydro-electric plant in Rochester, NH back in January of this year. There was no further information about the cause or circumstances of his death other than that there was no evidence of foul play, and that Stanley gained access to the room under unknown circumstances. No final autopsy report had been published as of October 3, 2019. This reading predicted that he went someplace where he wouldn’t be easily found (the unused room) and that he most likely wouldn’t be found alive.



A Rochester, NH man went missing on June 27, 2018 and has not been seen or heard from since. I performed a reading using my “World of Hurt” missing-person spread (so-called because so many of them wind up in dire straits), with the Knights as the focus cards for this 42-year-old individual. I used the Golden Universal deck without reversals.



The Knight of Pentacles showed up as the very first card in the layout, in the “Escaping Something” position (“Ran away or is in hiding”). The implication is that he is absent by choice rather than misadventure, and the suit of Pentacles suggests that he has “gone to ground,” possibly somewhere in the country. (Hopefully that isn’t a literal translation, but the 3 of Swords following doesn’t look promising.)

The suit card in the “Will he be found?” position was the 3 of Swords indicating “Not unless he wants to be.” This card implies that he was under considerable mental stress when he disappeared. (Note that I modified the spread guidance to reflect that the individual may be found “alive or dead;” the nature of the card in this position will suggest which is more likely, with an emphatic “No” card like the 3 of Swords potentially meaning “not alive” rather than “not found.”)

The “When?” position is moot since the previous card was “No,” but the 2 of Cups here gives the impression that some kind of emotionally satisfying closure will be reached within a couple of months.

All images copyright Los Scarabeo, Torino, Italy


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