2019 Wish List

I think it’s been a year since I last bought a new tarot  or Lenormand deck. That will most likely change early next year to celebrate moving into our new home. I’ve had a few decks on my wish list forever, and 2019 will be the year to chip away at it. Among the 60 or so decks I presently own, I’ve been making do with the RWS Centennial Edition, the Thoth and the Golden Universal for my professional tarot readings, and the Gilded Reverie and Burning Serpent for my public Lenormand work. There hasn’t been much new on the horizon that really grabs me. These are the older decks that should make the cut:

Victorian Romantic (assuming it’s still available)
RWS Borderless Edition (like I need another one)
Deviant Moon Borderless Edition (Tim-Burton-meets-Hieronymus Bosch with disturbing lunar creatures, to use in two-deck readings with . . . )
Tarot of the Magical Forest (neurotic-looking wild animals, and . . . )
Fey Tarot (quirky fairies and beasts, to use in three-deck readings with the above)
Langustl Tarot (if I ever figure out the international credit-card routine)
Spanish Tarot (Marseille deck from Fournier to use in combination with my Fournier TdM)
Wust or (maybe and) Schneider Lenormand from Lauren Forestall’s Game of Hope shop
Wanderwust Lenormand (minimalist black-and-white Wust with subtle touches of color)

I’ve decided to stay away from the trendy “next-big-thing” decks and the “historical art” decks unless they’re really special, since I’ve been burned too many times by pretty decks that I never use. I’ve reached the point that, apart from my workhorse decks, I’ll be looking for unique decks to meet very specific needs. I’ll post some deck reviews when I get them.

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