2018 Midterm Election Revisited

Back in January I performed a Lenormand Grand Tableau to examine the circumstances of the upcoming Congressional election in the United States that is scheduled for November 6. That reading projected a thin margin of victory for the Democrats, but a number of things have changed since that time such that an update is warranted.  This time, all of my Lenormand cards were packed away for our household move so I used the tarot with my “Crossroads of Necessity” decision-making spread. I chose the Wheel of Fortune – corresponding to astrological Jupiter – from the Thoth deck (Aleister Crowley called Jupiter “the Greater Fortune,” but also “luck, the incalculable factor”) as the Significator, the RWS Centennial Edition for the Republicans’ chain and the Golden Universal RWS for the Democrats’ chain. I used reversals mainly to calculate the quintessence positions and gave them only slight importance in the reading.


I assigned the Republican Party the first chain as the sitting majority and the Democrats the second chain. The draw for each adversary was as follows:

Republican Chain:

Challenge: Ace of Cups
Advantage: Empress (reversed)
Significator: Wheel of Fortune
Success Potential: 4 of Cups
Failure Potential: Temperance
Quintessence: Strength (1 + [-3] + 10 + 4 + 14 = 26 = 2+6  =  8)

Democrat Chain:

Challenge: 6 of Cups (reversed)
Advantage: Page of Wands
Significator: Wheel of Fortune
Success Potential: Page of Swords
Failure Potential: 5 of Swords
Quintessence: Emperor ([-6] + 11 + 10 + 11 + 5 = 31 = 3+1 = 4)


Challenges: With the Ace of Cups, the Republicans may be at a disadvantage by playing it too straight, while the Democrats’ political playbook has been full of  a variety of dirty tricks. For their part, with the 6 of Cups reversed, the Democrats could fall prey to the same sort of giddy optimism that betrayed them in 2016.

Advantages: The Republicans have the fortunate Empress (corresponding to Venus, the “Lesser Benefic”), but it is reversed; the phrase the Empress brings to mind is “sitting pretty,” although the reversal unsettles that complacency. Still, it may not be enough to unseat them. The Democrats, with the Page of Wands, are counting on the enthusiasm of youthful voters; the downside is that it may not be dedicated (or relentless) enough to carry the day.

Success Potential: For the Republicans, the 4 of Cups is a stable but bland card; it has “four more (uninspiring) years” written all over it, with a low expectation for disruption causing major consequences. But with comparatively little hope of significant gains, it is essentially a flat-lined “status quo” card. The Page of Swords reinforces the Democrats’ reliance on the anger of youthful voters, possibly experiencing a lack of resolve similar to the Page of Wands.

Failure Potential: With Temperance, the Republicans are walking a tightrope, with very little margin for error, but the Democrats with the 5 of Swords appear to be in a more dire predicament. In the Thoth deck, this card is titled “Defeat,” but in the RWS version it is much more ambivalent since it isn’t clear whether the victor is the subject of the reading or the enemy. However, since the Five is a chaotic influence, the Democrats have a greater chance of falling short of the pollster’s predictions.

Quintessence Cards: The “roll-up” card for the Republicans’ chain is Strength, which suggests that they will successfully muzzle the Lion and hold onto their precarious edge. The Democrats, with the authoritative but slightly hidebound Emperor, may be overconfident and “counting their chickens before they hatch.” Strength is an expression of applied solar force (Leo) and the Emperor is a manifestation of law-and-order, mainly of the “might makes right” variety (Aries); one is actively striving against odds while the other is banking on its established foundation to dominate, implying an assumed fait accompli that is anything but assured. Both fiery “quint” cards are favorably disposed to the Wheel of Fortune in elemental terms, but my impression is that Strength is more diligent in making the most of the opportunity. Jupiter (“Greater Benefic”) and Leo (Strength) come together in the 6 of Wands (titled “Victory”); Jupiter and Aries (Emperor), while an imperial combination in their own right, don’t share a comparable affinity at the grassroots level.

(NOTE: For those who calculate the quintessence in the conventional way (no reversals, no court cards), the quint card for the Republicans would be the Hierophant, and the quint for the Democrats would be the Empress, in which case the female vote may overturn the “old white men.”)

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