2018 World Series, Game 5 Prediction

Game 5 Recap:

I’m happy to take a 5-1 Red Sox win as divinatory success when the cards predicted a 4-1 win for Boston. The assumed meltdown of the Dodgers’ bullpen didn’t materialize as dramatically as anticipated, but Dodgers manager Dave Roberts’ strategic error of leaving starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw in the game too long did. And the Red Sox did indeed figure Kershaw out after facing him for six grueling innings. My faith in the Wheel of Fortune as an expression of Jupiter’s beneficence rather than simply an indicator of arbitrary change was reaffirmed by the Red Sox victory.

Original Pregame Post, 10/28/18 @ 1400

With the World Series still coming from Los  Angeles, the parameters for the Game 5 reading don’t change: Dodgers in the top row, Red Sox below; Golden Universal and RWS Centennial Edition decks, with reversals; the Chariot as the Significator (“Opportunity”) card. The draw for each team was as follows:

Dodgers Strength: 2 of Cups reversed
Dodgers Weakness: Queen of Swords
Dodgers Edge: Queen of Cups reversed
Dodgers Allies’ Power (bullpen dominance): 5 of Cups reversed
Dodgers Chance to Win: The Chariot reversed

Red Sox Strength: 7 of Cups
Red Sox Weakness: Judgement
Red Sox Edge: 4 of Cups reversed
Red Sox Allies’ Power (bullpen dominance): Queen of Wands reversed
Red Sox Chance to Win: Wheel of Fortune

Decision Card (Grand Quintessence): Empress


There are a number of subtleties in this reading, but the verdict seems clear.

In the “Strength” department, the Dodgers with the 2 of Cups reversed may have trouble connecting with the ball, while the Red Sox with the 7 of Cups may be equally bamboozled by Clayton Kershaw’s array of pitches. But I think they will eventually figure Kershaw out. (+1 to Red Sox)

Regarding “Weakness,” the Dodgers with the Queen of Swords may put too fine a point on their strategy, overthinking it to their detriment. For their part, the Red Sox with Judgement look poised to call the Dodgers to account, with the only danger being overconfidence and a penchant to “swing for the fences” rather than playing their usual methodical game. (+1 to Red Sox)

The Dodger’s “edge” card, Queen of Cups reversed, seems marginally more vigorous and optimistic than the Red Sox 4 of Cups reversed. This may only be enthusiasm born of desperation but, with their backs up against the wall, it should put a little starch into their resolve. The Red Sox, with their 3-1 Series lead, should be more relaxed and less likely to overreact. (+1 to Dodgers for sheer grit)

The Dodger’s bullpen contingent comes across as hapless with the 5 of Cups reversed, which has a decided “wait until next year” feel to it. The Red Sox closers, with the Queen of Wands reversed going for them, should have the stamina to outlast their adversary even while struggling a bit with control. (+1 to Red Sox)

The “Chance to Win” card for the Dodgers is the Chariot reversed, which suggests victory slipping away, while the Red Sox have the Wheel of Fortune and its association with Jupiter, the “Greater Benefic.” While the Wheel can indicate a reversal of fortune (perhaps a Red Sox loss) it is generally viewed as a positive influence, and that’s how I see it here. (+1 to Red Sox)

Elementally, the Empress as “Decision” card is on friendly terms with four of the five cards in the Dodgers’ line and only two of five in the Red Sox line. This should give the Dodgers a “+2” advantage closing in on the end of the game. But it may be a case of too little too late. The hidden factor in this picture is that, numerologically speaking, adding the number of the “Decision” card (III) to that of the “Opportunity” card (VII), produces X, the number of the Wheel of Fortune, Boston’s “Chance to Win” card. It almost looks like “the fix is in” as far as the Cosmos is concerned. I’m calling this one even; no advantage.

The scoring model implies a 4-1 win for the Red Sox. Doubling the projected score to acknowledge the potent offense of both teams results in the possibility of a 8-2 victory for Boston. However, the “Decision” card situation may open the door for a couple more runs for Los Angeles and one or two fewer for their opponent. I’m thinking that 7-4 or 6-4 in favor of the Red Sox is not beyond the realm of reason as a final total.

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  1. Sign all of them up for Vacation Bible College at church. With respect to the game you want to be part of, there is certainly strategizing involved. Bluffing in Texas Holdem is what sets apart the average players from the greatest.

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