A Moment to Reflect

As of tomorrow afternoon, our house here in New Hampshire will be empty of furniture and we will be moving to temporary quarters while our new house is being built. We have been here since 1980, so this is a major turning point in our lives. I will be packing my computer and peripherals today, and will be posting from my laptop for the next couple of months. That means no scans of spreads and readings, and new posts may be farther apart; hopefully I can get the digital camera synced to the laptop so I can do Dropbox links. But my wife’s relatives who are hosting us are devout Christians so I will have to be circumspect about my practice. As Frank Morgan might have said to Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, “Oh, no, my dear. I’m a very good man. I’m just a very bad . . . poseur.” They know the former, and I don’t intend to test the latter. But if they bring up the subject they will certainly hear my side.

I think it could be time to catch up on my reading. I still haven’t finished Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Way of Tarot, and Caitlin Matthews’ traditional tarot book is at the top of my list of new publications. A thorough re-read of The Book of Thoth is probably in order as well. The other project I could tackle is compiling my “Tarot 101” material into book form; that could certainly take a month or two. What I won’t be doing to any great extent is astrology because I don’t have my chart generation programs loaded on the laptop.  But since the local outlet for my divination skills has pretty much dried up anyway, none of this will be a hardship. There is an astrological association in the eastern part of the State that I will renew contact with when we get there, and I will be only a short train ride from Boston. The upside of a much larger population will be more stimulating  exposure to a wider range of kindred spirits. I will be exploring bookshop venues and other opportunities to start a low-key divination practice. If any of you live in the area and have anything going on in the way of group activities, drop me a line here. I’m very interested in connecting in person with other diviners.

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