The “Turning Point” Life’s Journey Spread

Most of us have had the experience of reaching a major turning point in our lives (a death, a divorce or break-up, the loss of a job, a relocation or other new beginning, etc.), with no idea what lies ahead. This spread is intended to explore that uncertain future from a “destiny” perspective – spiritual, psychological (mental/emotional) and practical. It is one of my “prepared deck” spreads that requires separating the pack into Major, Minor and Court card sub-packs, then shuffling each one and dealing them into the three different lines titled “Higher Path,” “Character Path” and “Earthly Path.” (I recognize that, in real life, these variables may be mingled to the point of being inseparable, but we are in the land of theoretical experiment here, so try not to put too fine a point on it.) The Quintessence (“Quint”) trump cards are intended to show a high-level overview of the how each of these paths may culminate in the querent’s life. I present my own spin on deriving them, but you can use your customary technique if you wish. Note that if you have repeat trump cards between the “Higher Path” line and any of the quint positions, or duplicate quint cards as a result of the individual calculations, you will need a second or even a third deck to populate the spread.

Life's Journey Spread.JPG


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