The “Just Folks” Personality Profile Spread

I don’t do much personality profiling with the tarot because I think it works best as an action-and-event-oriented approach to divination (the “situational awareness and developmental insight” thing I’m always on about). But when I do it, I tend to be comprehensive. Here is a spread that is aimed at examining the multiple personae that an individual may exhibit during the course of any day. We’ve all had the experience of shifting gears mentally and emotionally when we depart home on our daily routine (we put on our “warrior face”) and again when we return, and when we’re out on the town or otherwise just having fun. These four basic areas of human experience are explored in four distinct 9-card subsets using a Significator card to represent the querent and a “Quintessence” card (numerically derived trump card) to provide a summary roll-up of the highest mode of expression for each one. The idea is that each area (Personal; Social; Work; Play) is anchored in the qualities of the suit for the chosen Significator (court-card), as reflected in the method for selecting Card #1 for each series. What emerges is a 5-card mini-matrix of elemental characteristics centered on the suit of the Significator, in recognition of the fact that the various aspects of our fundamental style stem from the same existential outlook, although we adapt it to different circumstances as shown by the rest of the cards in each series. Although I haven’t thought too much about it yet, Cards #2 and #6 and Cards #1 and #7 of each subset share a reciprocal relationship with their “mirrors” in the adjacent subsets; they might be read as points of integration between the affairs of the different aspects of personality.

Derive the “quint” card from the seven “suit” cards for each area using whatever method you choose (don’t include the Significator in the calculation) and read it as a big-picture impression of how the querent functions in each mode of personal endeavor. I use reversals in most of my readings, and like to subtract the value of any reversed cards, which enables a sum of zero (the Fool) and also supports a negative result that can represent a reversed “quint.”

It isn’t necessary to tackle all four areas every time this spread is used. It is set up to allow single or multiple perspectives depending on the querent’s area(s) of interest. In purely mundane terms, how things are going at work will most likely be dramatically different from what is going to happen at the upcoming party, and the personality traits shown in the cards are intended to advise the best way to handle each scenario. Another consideration is the use of a different deck for each area examined, to ensure that all card meanings are available in each case. This increases the logistical burden of preparing the decks but can offer a more complete picture, often with cross-cutting implications between areas.

Just Folks Spread.JPG


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