Where Is Dewey? – A Missing Person Reading

An 84 (or 82, depending on which part of this article you believe) year-old man with dementia has gone missing in Tamworth, NH.


I performed my “World of Hurt” missing-person spread to see if I can learn anything about his status; the deck is the Golden Universal. The first King to appear in the layout came up in the “Escaping Something” position, subtitled “(Ran away or is in hiding);” it was the King of Cups, and showed up on the second round of the deal. The Knight of Swords was beneath it, suggesting that he may have felt he was being forced into something he didn’t agree with, and had an emotional melt-down over it. This is reinforced by the 8 of Cups following the King.

Dewey Missing.JPG
All images copyright Los Scarabeo, Torino, Italy

The first position in the spread indicates that the missing individual made a decision to disappear. Since Dewey is described as suffering from dementia, this most likely wasn’t a clear-headed choice, and the King of Cups isn’t known for his sharp wits anyway. The interaction of the King with the Knight of Swords under it makes me think he may have been prodded into something he had no intention of doing (the intuitive impression I’m getting, based on nothing particular in the cards, is that he could have been facing placement in a full-time elder-care facility; he was already under an assisted-living arrangement). It’s possible that the only choice he felt he had was to simply vanish before that happened.

Although the divinatory meaning of the other two cards in the Significator’s row is secondary to their use for technical purposes, the two cards here – the 8 of Cups and the 9 of Wands – tell an interesting story. The 8 of Cups suggests he departed in a good deal of emotional distress. He sensed something coming in that Knight of Swords that he didn’t like. The 9 of Wands has a “me against the world” aura to it, indicating that he may have “barricaded” himself somewhere that provided the opportunity to defend himself from unwanted intervention. Although it isn’t a formal part of the spread, the “quintessence” card for this row (at least in my system of calculation) is the Emperor, giving the idea that “the Man” was breathing down his neck.

The 8 of Cups in the “Will he be found? position (the implication “found safe” is understood) delivers an emphatic “No.” The timing card is a Wand, showing that, in any event, the discovery of his fate will come in “days,” and the Nine reflects “9 days” from the date of his disappearance. This seems like a reasonable assumption where foul play isn’t suspected, and would place the next revelation in the case at not later than Wednesday, September 19.

3 thoughts on “Where Is Dewey? – A Missing Person Reading

  1. I always have a look at your missing person’s readings. It’s not something I would have the nerve to do myself and I doubt I could be objective at all. So I find it interesting that you do these.

    But I was wondering, have you gotten any feedback or do you have any indication of the accuracy of your readings? I’m sure when you see something dire you’d be very very happy to be wrong, but I was just curious about what your results have been and if it has influenced the way you do these readings.

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    • What started me down this path was the case of a missing young woman in Yuba City, CA. I did my “Train to Nowhere” missing-person spread (created especially for that case), which showed that she was deceased. A few days later her body was found in the Yuba River. Not the kind of success I like, but factual. Since that time I’ve had less gratifying results, and a few of the “cold cases” still remain unsolved. Usually where the cards suggest foul play, the outcome is often something else. The problem with feedback is that the authorities are very stingy with updates, especially where a person is found safe, in the interest of respecting privacy. A subset of these readings is the situation where the police have a body but no culprit, and I developed a separate spread for that. I haven’t had the nerve yet to offer my services to the “cold case” detectives in New Hampshire, although they like any tips they can get.


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