The “Dire Straits” Dilemma Assessment Spread

One of the thorniest questions facing a diviner is whether or not it is prudent and ethical to attempt predicting events or situations that could have a major adverse impact on the life of a person or other entity. The wiser heads among us almost unanimously advise against making forecasts that involve death or diagnosis of serious illness, complex legal maneuvering and high-risk financial exposure, which are best left to qualified (and in some cases, licensed) professionals. However, I believe every situation contains the kernel of its own resolution, whether the outlook is good or bad, and this reality can be exposed through the use of divination tools. The key is to generalize the focus so it addresses broad categories of threat and not narrowly-defined instances unique to an individual case. The goal is to alert the querent to this potential rather than trying to provide coaching for its management. Here is a new spread that optimizes this approach in a very few cards, basically an “up-trend” and “down-trend” polarity that moves along two axes, with reconciliation provided by use of the “quintessence” method of correlation. It is best used where a known or suspected condition exists and not as a “fishing expedition” to identify random problems. In cases where the outcome is evenly balanced between positive and negative cards, the reader can either make a judgment call using other interpretive techniques or declare “no decision” and abandon the reading.

Dire Straits Spread.JPG

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