Changing Gears

This is a reading about a setback and an opportunity. Our ongoing saga of relocating across the State to be closer to our granddaughter continues. A couple of months ago when we had two or three potential houses lined up for viewing, I did a reading that showed we would find a house but probably not the one we originally wanted. We chose one of the houses to pursue but the deal fell through owing to deception on the part of the builder’s agent that caused us to back out. Since we have to start over with the search, I decided to do a new reading. I used my “Barometer of Fate” Pros-and-Cons spread with the Connolly Tarot. Reversals were allowed but none turned up in the spread. The question concerned how this next phase would work out.

House Search Spread.JPG

This spread includes a “pros” side (“Rising Expectations”) and a “cons” side (“Falling Expectations”). Each chain of three cards is rolled up into a summary card known as the Quintessence; it is a numerical sum that produces a trump card between 0 and 21, using numerological reduction if necessary to arrive within that envelope. The quint card offers a big-picture view of the situation as it unfolds. Card #10 is a final – “Grand” – quint that offers “Yes or No” advice regarding the decision.

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Card #1 in the center of the 9-card array shows the Current Status. The randomly-drawn King of Pentacles accurately reflects that we are in a highly stable situation since there is technically nothing requiring us to move at this time. We can advance deliberately and get what we want.

The Fool in the “Good Omens” (Card #2) position recognizes that we are literally starting from scratch since our plan is to have a house built to our specs from the ground up.

Justice in the “Improving Trends” (Card #3) position implies that this time we will get what we deserve.

The 3 of Pentacles in the “Highest Hopes” (Card #4) position indicates that the work will go forward.

The Hierophant as the “Pros” quint (Card #5) echoes the craftsman working on the cathedral in Card #4, and suggests that he (we) will inhabit his (our) new earthly home. The contract and the mortgage will both be conventional and straightforward in nature. (Note that I reduced “14” down to “5;” if I had left the quint at Temperance, it would show the “tap-dancing” we have been doing trying to get positioned for the next phase. Either quint choice is instructive, and Temperance reinforces our present state of equilibrium as conveyed by the King of Pentacles; it may be an even better springboard for the Chariot.)

The Page of Pentacles in the “Early Warnings” (Card #6) position advises that we should not make any contractual commitments prematurely, but also that if we drag our feet we might lose out.

The 3 of Swords in the “Growing Suspicions” (Card #7) position shows that we should not take anything for granted because it could lead to aggravation and disappointment down the road.

The 10 of Wands in the “Worst Fears” (Card #8) position is telling me that we could wind up overburdened with responsibility (most likely debt) if we don’t pay close attention.

The Lovers as the “Cons” quint (Card #9) pictures us back at the crossroads again and having to make another decision.

The Hierophant is well-aligned with the sober nature of the King of Pentacles and suggests that the way forward will be unobstructed as long as we follow all the rules and proceed with due caution. The Lovers is elementally hostile to both the Hierophant and the King of Pentacles, who doesn’t want to have to think too much about alternate plans, so having to return to “Square One” again would be demoralizing.

The Decision card is the Chariot. Traditionally, this card means conquest, victory and triumph in practical matters, but it is also a card of irresistible forward momentum.  I read it as the chosen solution being a decisive “go,” and that the move will happen as planned.


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