Where (and How) is Trish? – A Missing-Person Combo

UPDATE #2: The NH Attorney General’s office has confirmed that the remains found inside a washing machine pulled from Grant’s Pond in Grafton are those of Trish Haynes. The testimony of the second spread that she was “in a wet place” and was possibly transported “over water” has turned out to be accurate, and the indication that she was kidnapped also seems to be true. I will be watching the ongoing investigation to see if the “charming but devious” young man surfaces.


UPDATE: This news report indicates that crates pulled out of a pond in Grafton, NH are connected to this case, but at this time it isn’t clear how. My reading mentions her “staying put,” possibly in “a wet place,” along with being transported over water. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


A 26-year-old New Hampshire woman has not been seen since late June or early July, and is now the subject of an extensive search.


I decided to perform both my “Train to Nowhere” spread, which shows more of the “where, how and why” of the situation and my “World of Hurt” spread, which focuses on the “what” and “when;” that is, her current status and the likelihood and potential timing of her return. I used the Thoth Tarot with the Queen of Disks as the Significator in the first spread, and the Golden Universal RWS with the first Queen to appear (in this case the Queen of Cups) as the Significator in the second one.  Reversals were used in the first reading but not in the other.

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In the “Train to Nowhere” spread, the Significator came up reversed in the first “car” of the train – the Locomotive – indicating that she probably  left intentionally and under her own power. However, the other five cards in that sub-pack tell a more ominous story. The Page of Cups reversed suggests that she might have been lured away by a charming but devious young man; the 5 of Disks (“Worry”) reversed shows that she had something to be nervous about but didn’t know it yet; the Queen of Disks reversed  implies that she was eventually the victim of physical coercion; the Ace of Disks reversed could mean rape (look closely at the Thoth image) and the 9 of Swords (“Cruelty”) portends torture; the Page of Swords at the end could very well be the torturer, who is still in control. Not shown is the quintessence card for this series, which is the Wheel of Fortune reversed: (-11) + (-5) + (-13) + (-1) +9 +11 = (-10). She took a chance and it’s anybody’s guess how it will turn out.


The Significator (Queen of Cups) appeared in the second row (“Taken – Coaxed, coerced or captured”, with a sub-text of “Lured away, kidnapped or jailed.”), which  supports the testimony of the first spread. The Queen on her throne suggests that the victim is “staying put,” and the suit of Cups that she could be in a “wet” place.” The Queen appeared on the second pass of the deal, with the King of Swords reversed immediately under her; this is a reinforcement of the Prince of Swords in the first spread, making me think the man has solidified his position and the young woman is in a more-or-less permanent state of bondage.

The “yes-or-no” verdict on whether she will be found produced the 7 of Swords, a decidedly “no-leaning” card. Although the timing card is unnecessary in a “No” scenario, the 6 of Swords here, taken together with the 7 of Swords, gives the visual impression of her being transported somewhere, possibly over water; the watery Queen of Cups could very well be the passenger in the boat. On the slim chance that she will be found, the 6 of Swords implies “six weeks” from the date of this reading.

Although I didn’t include it in the photo, the quintessence card here is Strength (13+7+6 = 26, 2+6 = 8). If she is still alive, she may yet have a chance to overpower her captor.

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