Who Killed Eric? – A “Whodunit” Reading

On September 19, 2009, the body of 33-year-old Eric Fitting of Fall River, MA was found in the woods off Route 124 in Sharon. NH. His death was ruled a homicide but no charges have ever been filed.


Two critical pieces of information are missing from media reports that make it difficult to assess the status of this cold case. He was shot multiple times but there is no mention of the caliber of firearm used; although a hunter found him, it was too early for the high-powered rifle season that might have brought Fitting up from Massachusetts to hunt, and the fact that the investigation has revolved around visits to Fall River suggests that it was most likely a handgun. Also, there is no indication of whether he was killed in New Hampshire or murdered elsewhere and transported here.

Nonetheless, I decided to try my “Rogue’s Gallery” spread on this case to see what I can learn. I used the Golden Universal RWS deck for this reading.

All images copyright Los Scarabeo, Torino, Italy

The “index” card, Ace of Swords, landed on the King of Wands (not shown) in the outer ring of the “gallery,” indicating that the perpetrator was not a close acquaintance of the victim. The King of Wands suggests an older man over 45 who was or may at one time have been robust and athletic, and who was likely of fair complexion and light (or white) hair. There are no cards between the Ace and the King, the implication being that the initial impetus for the killing may have been unplanned (that is, not a “grudge” killing), but the multiple gunshot wounds show a hardening of resolve. The lack of intervening cards can also reveal that there were no “issues” between the victim and the culprit; if the killing was in fact a “hit,” the shooter’s reasons were impersonal. The Ace of Swords is reversed, reflecting that the circumstances of Fitting’s demise were clandestine.  I didn’t follow through with my location spread to determine the possible residence of the “King of Wands” individual, but the same horoscopic quadrant system can be used with the present spread: top is South, bottom is North, left is East and right is West. Thus, the King of Wands appeared in the “West-Southwest” region of the layout, pointing to someone who is presently outside of New Hampshire, perhaps in western Massachusetts or New York but there is a lot of territory between here and the West Coast.

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