Who Killed Carrie? – A “Whodunit” Example Reading

This is the first use of the “Rogue’s Gallery” spread I posted earlier today. Fourteen-year-old Carrie Moss was found murdered in New Boston, NH in 1989; no charges have ever been filed in her death. I used the RWS Centennial Edition deck in this reading.


All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

In this instance, the Ace of Swords turned up near the bottom of the deck, so there are several cards in the “circumstances of the crime” population. It appeared in the 13th position of the “gallery,” which coincidentally is the number of the Death arcanum. The likely “rogue” in this reading is the King of Swords, indicating an older man with (at that time) dark hair and pale skin. It suggests someone she may have looked up to as a role model or mentor, although he wasn’t part of her inner circle. The 9 of Pentacles following it implies that she may have become entirely too comfortable with him, but the Hermit next in line shows him as a “loner” with a side that she didn’t really know. The 6 of Wands reversed makes me think that he wanted to “conquer” her and didn’t intend to kill her, but things got out of hand. The Ace of Swords at the end reflects the inevitability of it.

I will perform my “Sundial Location Spread” on this case using the King of Swords as the “pointer.” Stay tuned.

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