Where Is “Rogue #13” (Carrie’s Killer)?

As promised, I ran the King of Swords from the previous “Whodunit” reading through my “Sundial Location Spread.” I also used the RWS Centennial Edition for this layout.

Sundial Location Spread.JPG

The Significator turned up in the South quadrant, implying a warm, sunny place. If the suspect was over 45 years old at the time of the  murder, he would be at least in his mid-70s now and no longer employed, so this position suggests retirement to the Sunbelt. Fine-tuning this location through the use of “facing,” we find that the King of Swords (unique among the RWS court cards) is facing straight out of the picture, so we look to the preceding “ordinal” position (South-westerly) for our testimony. That could place him somewhere like Southern California, Arizona or New Mexico. However, as I often note, the King’s sword is canted slightly to the viewer’s left, suggesting here that the individual is thinking of moving toward the heartland of the Southern tier. Another point of interest about the South-westerly location is that it mentions a library, school or church, which would be consistent with my previous consideration that the man could have been a role model of some kind to Carrie Moss, perhaps a priest or teacher (in short, someone normally above reproach).


All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

Because there were so many cards in the sub-pack containing the Significator, I didn’t think it would be useful to read them as a “story” about the suspect’s circumstances, so I decided to just look at the trump cards in that population, and this is where the narrative gets really interesting. The first trump was the Hierophant, the very image of a priest and teacher, creating another data point along the same lines as above. The next two trumps, the Tower and the World, both reversed, suggest that he didn’t leave his final tenure voluntarily and may have been fired, placing him in an impoverished state. The Wheel of Fortune shows that his world is still in flux, and Justice that his fate is going to catch up with him.


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