A Little Ingenuity

A while back I spent a few hours pasting together a Lenormand Grand Tableau layout sheet, and was keeping it in a cardboard portfolio under the bed. Last week-end I crumpled it slightly while pulling out my guitar case (to be honest, I forgot it was there since I’ve been working mostly with tarot lately). After rolling it forward, backward and diagonally to smooth out the creases, I toyed with the idea of gluing it onto a piece of stiff foam or cardboard. But at Target today I came across an Elmer’s tri-fold display panel that offers the perfect solution. All I had to do was section the layout sheet into three pieces at the fold lines (keeping the eight divided position slots fairly equal in size) and allow a little clearance for the bend. Now I can fold it for protection in storage, and it’s much smaller this way as well. The white split lines are hardly noticeable with cards sitting on them.




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