Where Is Shannon? A Missing Person Reading

UPDATE: According to his family (in the linked news article update), Shannon White was “found” deceased. The fact that there is no mention of foul play or a fatal accident, which would be newsworthy, suggests it may have been a natural death or at most a suicide. The case is now in the hands of the county District Attorney’s office. There may or may not be more media coverage forthcoming on this. My experience in these cases is that family privacy trumps the public’s dubious need to know. Most of the time I’m never able to verify the accuracy of my missing-person readings. In this case, no further information as to White’s cause of death had been published as of October 3, 2019.


A 41-year-old man from Lebanon, NH went missing last Sunday, most likely while in Massachusetts or on his way home. I used my Train to Nowhere missing-person spread to explore his current location and possible reasons for his disappearance. The Tabula Mundi Colores Arcus was my deck of choice, and I applied reversals. The chosen Significator was the Knight (King) of Swords.


The Significator appeared in the third of thirteen positions in the “train;” this was the first time I’ve encountered the Significator in this spot in a reading, which poses a challenge because it was designed for younger subjects who may have willfully run away or become lost. An adult male usually isn’t so reckless, so I modified the spread slightly to incorporate the idea of “escaping something.” The title of this position is the “Coach Car,” implying that the situation is a not-uncommon response to whatever stimulus was motivating the individual. The point is that there is an element of intention in it rather than accident or foul play.

All images © 2015 M.M. Meleen

The most striking thing about this six-card line is that there are three nominally “female”  (gender is never certain with the tarot court) cards in it: this suggests some kind of emotional drama, perhaps involving a tug-of-war between the Queen of Disks, who wants his money, and the Queen of Cups, who wants to claim his heart. No personal details of his life were given, so this is conjecture based solely on the evidence in the cards. The 2 of Swords preceding the Significator implies that he believes he has no good choices in the situation and feels “stuck.” Every card in the line is reversed except the Princess of Wands at the end, so I’m thinking that this has been an undercurrent in his life for some time that finally crested with the headstrong Princess. I’m reminded of the most famous line from Peter Finch’s monologue in the movie Network: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this any more.” Of course, since I’m an irredeemable cynic, these cards could also mean that his wife (Queen of Disks) is after alimony, and his mother (Queen of Cups) is unsympathetic because he has been philandering with a hot younger woman (Princess of Wands). The 2 of Swords could show lawyers locked in legal maneuvering.

DSC01027 Cropped.JPG

The 8 of Disks reversed at the beginning of the line makes me think this was carefully worked out in his head and was not a spur-of-the-moment decision. The third position is early in the spread, so these is a chance he is still “in transit” somewhere and has not settled on his final course of action. The Princess of Wands at the end shows that he feels compelled to take some kind of emphatic action. The two Earth cards at the start of the line are elementally hostile to both the 2 of Swords and the Knight of Swords, giving the impression that “there is no going back.” The entire line has the sense of being on “the horns of a dilemma” between the two Queens, with the Princess offering what looks like the only way out. I see the Princess of Wands here as an attitude or behavior the individual should adopt rather than as a fourth (younger) person in the mix.

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