A Summer Solstice Processional Spread

New Year’s Day is basically a meaningless date for me. My annual cycle begins on the Summer Solstice, which happens to be my birthday. This month marks the end of my 70th trip around the Sun, so I decided to create a new solstice spread to mark the occasion. I figured seven cards (one for each decade) was a good number for the layout, but of course I couldn’t resist throwing in a few other wrinkles. (I was tempted to call this spread “A Summer Solstice Processional: There and Back Again” but Tolkien’s ghost would probably come after me , or at least the Tolkien estate and Tolkien Enterprises.)

This year I’m going to have a Solstice bonfire and do a ritual burning of my decrepit and thoroughly trashed 1972 edition of the Book of Thoth; it’s in loose-leaf format now, with the binding long separated, and besides, I have the beautiful new cloth-bound edition from Weiser. Every time I picked up the old one to find something, I admonished myself: “Now, don’t drop this thing!” It’s the “Humpty-Dumpty” of tarot books.


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