A “Twist of Fate” Example Reading

Here is an example of how to read the “Twist of Fate” spread I posted last night. I used my favorite “take-no-prisoners,” socio-psychological mudslinging deck, Brian Williams’  Post-Modern, or “PoMo,” Tarot. Note that, although Williams considered his suit of “TVs” to represent Fire and “Guns” to reflect Air, I believe that TVs are better as Air and Guns as Fire (TV signals are – or used to be – broadcast over the “airwaves,” and you apply a powerful explosive when you “fire” a gun).

All images copyright Harper Collins Publishers New York, NY

We are facing a self-imposed major transition this summer, and are coming down to the deadline for getting it done. I decided to see where this is all headed in the next couple of months. The 5-card “trajectory” line shows that we have a plan (3 of Bills, or Pentacles) and that, come hell or high water, we are going to see it through (Chariot, or “Wheels”). There could be some conflict or confusion (2 of TVs) that causes delay, and we may have to “hold a gun to someone’s head” (Ace of Guns). In the end, we might have to bring in the bankers (Money Man, or King of Pentacles) to make it happen.

The “positive intervention” line has the Wheel of Fortune in the “Chariot” position; there is a lot riding on this move, and the influence of astrological Jupiter in this card is a good omen since Jupiter is also exalted in the Chariot’s sign of Cancer. But the Hermit (“Out of It”) in the Strength position suggests that we could have some trouble capitalizing on our good luck. (This Hermit looks like he has lost his way.) The Empress (“Mom”) in the Star position is wielding the “rolling pin of power” in this situation, but she is also holding a pie, implying that we could be looking at “pie in the sky” with our high hopes. Finally, the Devil (“Evil”) in the Sun position looks like what seem to be good intentions on the part of a third party may actually be an attempt at double-dealing. This cautionary card serves as a valuable warning against naivety in our rush to come to closure.

The “negative intervention” line has the Emperor (“Dad”) reversed in the Hanged Man position, meaning that I’m being “dragged by my heels” to some extent, although I agree with the long-range objective. I just haven’t been moving as fast as I could be. The Hierophant (“Mr. Religion”) in the Death position shows that the sheer banality of everything that has to be done is wearing us down. The Magician, or “Expert” in the Devil position echoes the Devil in the “positive intervention” line; it could be saying “Wow, do I have a deal for you!” Some slippery characters may be lured to our initiative. Death (or “Dead”) reversed in the Tower position looks like a short-term “hold” on our plans (Eden Gray gives “Temporary stagnation, tendency toward inertia” as the interpretation for this card when reversed). It indicates that the timing may be off for what we want to do.

At the first “adjustment point,” the Wheel of Fortune/Chariot combination has the upper hand over the “Dad” reversed/Hanged Man pairing, so there are no show-stoppers there as long as we keep moving forward. The second adjustment point presents a dilemma, since that Hermit card looks extremely weary even when bolstered by Strength and the honesty of the Hierophant has been tainted by Death; the 2 of TVs draws little inspiration from either one since Air and Earth are elementally unfriendly (The Hermit corresponds to Virgo and the Hierophant to Taurus). The Immovable Object is standing in the way of the Irresistible Force. The third adjustment point pits the lofty aspirations of the “Mom”/Star combination against the mercenary maneuvering of the “Expert”/Devil duo; with the Ace of Guns as the sore point between them, it may come down to whom is packing the most “fire-power.”  The “Evil”/Sun combination and the “Dead”/Tower pairing seem to be conspiring against our intentions here to cast a pall over the rosy outlook we have been nurturing. The reality may be that larger economic forces could be set to compromise our plans to the point that we have to resort to an alternate path.

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