The “Friend in Need” Value-Added Spread

In working with a sitter who was very concerned about the plight of her best friend and was wondering what she could do to help. I realized that I don’t have a spread to address this specific situation. So I created one. What I came up with includes an initial action/reaction scenario, a “willing and able” summary of intent, and a cost/benefit comparison for each party. It uses my “sub-quint/grand quint” method to examine the “big-picture” stake that each party has in the matter, and the way things stand in the “cosmic record” when all is said and done. The assumption is that there are two sides to every “helping” opportunity, and the giver and receiver aren’t always on the same page. This spread uses two decks and no reversals. The quintessence calculations use the court cards as suit numbers 11 through 14, and exclude the Fool in the final derivation since zero can’t be obtained through regular numerological reduction and I prefer not to renumber it as 22. The Fool is a “force unto itself” in the 7×3 “septenary” array, sort of the tarot trump equivalent of “nemo” (“nobody, “”no one” or “no man” – Amīcus omnibus, amīcus nemini.A friend to all, a friend to none); therefore, the Fool operates on a higher plane of consciousness so I’m comfortable dropping it for the purpose of this spread; it is still used as zero in the preliminary summing step.

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