Where Is Celia? – A Missing-Person Reading

UPDATE: It has been reported that Celia was found “safe in New York.” There was no detail regarding where she was found, how she got there or whether she was aided in any way. This has the earmarks of an “assisted runaway” scenario, but we will probably never know. Case closed for now.

Fifteen-year-old Celia Barnett of Plainfield, NH went missing on Friday afternoon, May 4, 2018.


I subjected this case to my “Train to Nowhere” missing-person spread, using the Anna K Tarot and the Page of Pentacles as the Significator, which turned up in the tenth of thirteen “cars” (piles) in the train. This position is titled the “Cattle Car,” and the text implies that the individual in question is somewhere in the country and may be “kept with animals;” the thought that she may be on a farm crossed my mind.

All images copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, Woodbury, MN

The Page of Pentacles was the first card in the six-card series showing the circumstances of the disappearance. The 5 of Cups following it shows that she is distraught and probably traumatized. The Tower reversed has me thinking that she may have been hit be a car or truck (the Tower’s number, XVI, reduces numerologically to 7, the Chariot, suggesting a moving vehicle) but, rather than a “hit-and-run,” she could have been forcibly carted off to wherever she is now. There is also the chance that she was violently abducted off the street. The 7 of Cups is similarly attuned to the Chariot, another hint that a vehicle was involved in the event, and with its reversal there were probably no witnesses. The Moon reflects that her whereabouts are being concealed, and the 7 of Cups reinforces the idea that the trail has been deliberately confused to throw off pursuit. The Star reversed indicates that hope of finding her any time soon is remote.


In my method of calculating the quintessence card, the “quint” here would be the Lovers reversed. I generally interpret the Lovers as a crossroads in the situation, and its  reversal could be showing that her would-be rescuers have taken the wrong fork. This card reversed in this position of the spread could also mean she has run off with a lover and is hiding somewhere in the country, but the 5 of Cups and the Tower seem to be saying that any such eventuality would not have been consensual.

There is a powerful reverberation of the Number 7 in this series and its emphasis on the “moving vehicle” (Chariot). The Page of Pentacles is the 11th card of the suit, and adding its number to the 5 of Cups yields 16, which reduces to 7. The Tower (16th trump card) reduces to 7 as has already been mentioned. The Moon reduces to 9, and adding it to the 7 of Cups produces 16, or another 7 as we have seen. Joseph Maxwell observed that “Seven is a number of action, or reflects the consequences of action.” The 7 of Cups in his system is “an extremely active card;” reversed, it conveys “giving rise to doubt and danger of inaction or wrong action.” All of this mobility could mean that she has been transported to another region. The number of combinations that create 16 is also remarkable for its connection to the vehemence of the Tower; only the Star stands apart and distances itself from the turmoil. There seems to be very little optimism in this reading for a successful recovery. Perhaps the police need a psychic or astrologer (the Star), but they aren’t likely to recognize it (the Star is reversed).

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