Lenormand Ramblings

I realized yesterday that I've been remiss in not venturing into anything other than tarot lately, so this will bring me up to date at least on the subject of Lenormand cartomancy. I'm writing mainly for those tarot enthusiasts who have yet to explore its alternate reality but are intrigued by a new challenge. A … Continue reading Lenormand Ramblings

Trumps and Mirrors

In my previous post on the subject of astrological "mirrors" for all 78 cards of the tarot, I mentioned that the proper classification of the seven planetary and three elemental trump cards for this purpose would have wait for another day. Today is that day. https://parsifalswheeldivination.com/2018/04/03/the-chaldean-mirror-daily-meditation-spread/ In thinking more deeply about this subject, I realized … Continue reading Trumps and Mirrors

Eden Gray: A New Age Icon

I thought I was going to have to do some prodigious legwork to write this post, but Mary Greer saved me the trouble with her informative blog article on Eden Gray. Read hers first, since summarizing her excellent research for my own purposes would be pointless: https://marykgreer.com/2008/03/27/eden-grays-fools-journey/ There was little in the way of popular … Continue reading Eden Gray: A New Age Icon