Another Missing Tyler

Sixteen-year-old Tyler Christensen went missing from the Edmonds, Washington area on April 19, 2016 and hasn’t been heard from in over two years. I decided to subject this cold case to my “Train to Nowhere” missing-person spread. I used the Thoth deck and chose the Princess/Page/ Knave of Wands as Significator based on his youth and fair appearance.

The Significator turned up in the 12th of thirteen “cars” (piles) in the train. This position is titled the “Hospital Car,” and the text indicates the possibility of some kind of incapacity (perhaps injury)  or institutionalization.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

The 5 of Swords (“Defeat”) at the base of the pile is a sinister and treacherous card. Coupled with the next card, the Moon reversed, it suggests that he may have been in an altercation and became disoriented, possibly amnesiac. Generally, when a “John Doe” with no memory turns up at a reputable hospital, there is a networking effort to identify him, so it’s unlikely that’s where he wound up. The 3 of Cups (“Abundance”) gives the impression he is being cared for, but the reversed Significator could mean he is not free to leave. The 7 of Disks, titled “Failure” in this deck,  is a grim card, giving the appearance of a “deep, dark hole.”  Crowley’s comment that it suggests “bad money” could be relevant given that the final card, the 10 of Disks (“Wealth”) reversed,” implies futility in material circumstances. With immaturity working against him, he could have racked up debt due to unwise choices that he is unable to get out from under. Possibly he is working off that debt. The hints about “bad money” and material loss make me think he may be someplace like Reno or Las Vegas and is beholden to disreputable interests. However, going solely on free-association from the images, the “deep, dark hole” could be just that, and the reversed 10 of Disks may be showing a ton of soil sitting on top of him. Law enforcement sources seem to be of the opinion that he is a runaway and they won’t take extraordinary measures to find him; there is very little new information on his disappearance more recent than mid-2016.


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