An Astro-Tarot Mood Index

I’m always looking for new ways to blend the Golden Dawn’s astrological correspondences with practical tarot applications. Here is my latest effort. The idea behind it is to use the “natural” (Aries-rising) zodiac and the current “sky-map” for the five “personal” planets (Sun through Mars*) to create a template on which to cast a number of randomly-drawn cards that bring the querent’s “subconscious overlay” into the astrological pattern. Reading the “foundation” cards and the drawn cards in combination yields a “mood profile” for whatever duration the reader desires. The mood to be explored can be personal, social, environmental or any other conceivable situation that is sensitive to fluctuations in emotional climate. The five planetary “fields of action” can be approached as follows: Sun (and Significator card) – “Who I Am;” Moon – “What I Feel;” Mercury – “What I Think;” Venus – “What I Want;” and Mars – “What I Will Do to Get It.” These formulaic definitions can be translated into appropriate “mood” parameters with a little imagination.

Be patient with it; although it looks exceedingly complex in full extension, you only have to read five sets of cards, not all thirteen.To minimize the visual clutter, I overturn any cards in astrological house and lunar phase positions that carry none of the five planets of interest.

Here is a photo of the preliminary layout. There are more photos in the attachment.


*Regarding Mars, some modern astrological thinkers don’t place it among the personal planets because it lies outside the Earth’s orbit as a kind of “gateway” to the outer planets. However, because it is more-or-less “joined at the hip” with Venus as a planetary pair, that kind of ropes it into the fold. It’s also what I learned back in the ’70s.

2 thoughts on “An Astro-Tarot Mood Index

  1. Yet another intriguing and fascinating idea; I’m definitely giving this a try over the weekend.

    I’ve done something similar with the (amazing) Decanic Cards that are part of the Tabula Mundi, but not with a real sky component.

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    • I seldom work with real-time planetary positions alone because I believe transits have to be tied to natal positions to mean much astrologically. But taking it in the direction of tarot decouples it from the rigid working model and gives it more latitude.


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