Where Is Tyler? – A Missing Person Reading

UPDATE: The missing sailor was found unharmed in another State. As I expected, this comes from the news agencies: “No other details about Tyler’s circumstances were released.”

A young sailor has gone missing from Groton, CT after having left home on his Honda motorcycle last Tuesday.


Although I haven’t been getting much satisfaction out of doing my missing-person spreads for current cases because there is often no public feedback when the individual is found, I decided to keep doing them. In this case, I used the RWS Centennial Edition  with my “Train to Nowhere” spread and the Knight of Wands as the Significator.


All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

The Significator appeared in the twelfth of thirteen positions, titled the “Hospital Car;” the descriptive text for this position is “Injured; institutionalized.” Since he was riding a fast motorcycle commonly known as a “crotch rocket,” the implication is that he may have crashed and hasn’t been found yet.


The Signifactor landed in the middle of the 12th pack. The 7 of Cups suggests that poor visibility may have been a factor in his travel, and the Fool reversed that he may have been reckless. The Page of Wands immediately adjacent to the Knight of Wands indicates the unthinking assumption of invulnerability that often seduces the young, perhaps leading him to apply too much throttle as the Knight of Wands. The Knight of Pentacles and the King of Swords, both reversed, could very well be showing the laborious search-and-rescue efforts that will be required to locate him, possibly hampered by darkness or wintry conditions. Alternatively, these cards may also relate to life-threatening dehydration and hypothermia, respectively. All in all, this looks like it could be a serious-injury scenario but not necessarily a pronouncement of death, assuming he is found soon.

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