“What’s Up, Doc?” – A Whole-Health Profile Spread

I knew I’d get around to using Bugs Bunny’s signature greeting sooner or later!

The accepted wisdom among diviners is that, unless one is properly trained and licensed (not to mention insured) to do so, it is prudent to stay far away from attempting to answer questions about medical diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Sound advice in these litigious times, but I think it’s possible to venture into this forbidden territory in a meaningful way, without courting undue legal liability, by taking the long view and looking strictly at potential risk exposures and mitigation strategies rather than anticipated consequences.

This is not a “story-telling” spread per se, and it is more research-based and exploratory in essence than advisory. It’s one of my frequent situational advantage/disadvantage layouts that places the subject of the reading within a structured matrix of circumstantial forces; the more closely attuned the subject’s cards are to the surrounding cards, either by inherent nature or elemental dignity, the greater the likelihood of understanding and working with those forces in a constructive way. This won’t always produce a “happy ending” but it should yield a reasonably coherent one that invites detailed analysis. Many intricate shades of meaning are available within the card combinations that the experienced reader should be able to riff on like a finely-tuned musical instrument to come up with a harmonious synthesis of wellness-related insights.

To quote the spread guidance:

“Rather than attempting to predict the onset and progress of specific illnesses (which is professionally unethical if it crosses the line into unqualified diagnostic and/or therapeutic advice and is thus potentially dangerous to the subject’s well-being), this spread focuses on what the tarot does best: exploring future possibilities, latent tendencies and emerging trends in wellness from both an external (Risk Factors) and an internal (Mitigators) perspective. with an eye toward countering weaknesses and reinforcing strengths.”


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