The “Just Passin’ Through” Romantic Interlude Spread

This spread is intended to be used when considering the advisability of making overtures to a potential love interest (for example, when eyeing the proverbial “workplace dalliance”). Given the relative impermanence of modern romantic liaisons, it’s not an accident that the layout simulates a question mark.

Many of us have had the bittersweet romantic experience of someone we’re smitten with entering our lives, lingering for a while, and then moving on when things don’t pan out to his or her satisfaction. This spread uses a right-to-left “moving line” concept and Elemental Dignities to describe the interaction between two individuals as their relationship blossoms, comes into focus and then potentially fades. The seven iterations of the “moving person’s” profile show the evolving complexion (and complexity) of the relationship as the two people size one another up physically, grow emotionally and intellectually closer, and then rethink their level of commitment via the various elemental combinations.

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