Lunar Month Look-ahead for March-April 2018

Every month on the New Moon I perform my Lunar Month Look-ahead spread using only the Minor Arcana as described in an earlier post. Here is the reading for the monthly period beginning with the New Moon on March 17th. I used the Rohrig Tarot, with reversals. The eight subdivisions are based on psychological astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s “Lunation Cycle;” this model uses the principle of increasing and decreasing orb of influence to demarcate eight equal segments of the month, with the four cardinal phases (New, 1st Quarter, Full and 3rd Quarter) and the four intermediary ordinal sub-phases (Crescent, Gibbous, Disseminating and Balsamic) each lasting around 3-1/2 days, give-or-take. Note that, from an astrological perspective, I don’t accept the modern assumption that the cardinal phases are all instants in time, and everything in between is transitional. The dates of phase-change are taken from the lunar disk’s “% Visible” data on this web-site:

New Moon (0% Visible) – March 17th – 10 of Wands
Crescent Moon (25% Visible) – March 21st – 4 of Swords reversed
1st Quarter (50% Visible) – March 24th – Ace of Disks reversed
Gibbous Moon (75% Visible) – March 27th – 2 of Disks
Full Moon (100% Visible) – March 31st – 4 of Disks
Disseminating Moon (75% Visible) – April 5th – 7 of Wands reversed
3rd Quarter (50% Visible) – April 8th – 2 of Wands
Balsamic (25% Visible) – April 11th – 10 of Cups


Mar-Apr 2018 Lunar Month.JPG
All images copyright Editorial Sirio, 29005-Malaga

The 10 of Wands on the New Moon perfectly expressed the fact that , on March 17th, I overburdened myself by double-booking commitments and had to find a way to work around that. Tarot is amazing!

The Crescent Moon brings the idea of an interruption of stillness with the 4 of Swords reversed, confirming that – starting today – I will have my brother here to work on a major renovation project. It will be a busy, noisy, dusty time, unlike my usual quiet, uneventful lifestyle.

The 1st Quarter position holds the Ace of Disks reversed, suggesting that I will be “digging myself a hole” financially with the cost of this project.

The 2 of Disks at the Gibbous Moon looks like I will find a way to juggle accounts and come out OK.

The 4 of Disks at the Full Moon is a good omen for improving financial stability.

At the Disseminating Moon, the 7 of Wands reversed shows that I may have to back down from a previous position I took on something. It suggests being outflanked by a superior force.

The 2 of Wands at the 3rd Quarter implies that, although there is an urge to assert control, a certain amount of hesitation will exist to move ahead following the setback of the 7 of Wands reversed. It looks like a time to regroup and decide where to go next.

The Balsamic Moon carries the 10 of Cups until the next New Moon on April 16th. Patience exercised at the 3rd Quarter phase could pay dividends in terms of happiness during this period.

Only the 7 of Wands reversed between the 5th and 8th of April gives me any cause for concern. There could be an unpleasant couple days .



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