“The Blind Pig and the Acorn” Career Outlook Spread

Although Dukes of Hazzard fans would like to claim it as part of Southern heritage, as would Appalachia, the proverb alluded to in the title was apparently of ancient Roman origin: “Even a blind pig can find an acorn once in a while.” According to Wikipedia, there is a “related Latin saying that a blind dove sometimes finds a pea. An 18th-century Friedrich Schiller play employed the blind-pig-and-acorn version, and the play’s translation into English and French may have brought it into modern English speech.” The implication of both is that even a sightless man can sometimes see the light, although he might look like a blind animal rooting around after an elusive morsel.

Career-path questions (including those involving educational choices such as whether to pursue an academic or technical focus) are often brought to the tarot, especially by those new to the workforce or contemplating a mid-life job change. This spread will accommodate a large number of potential paths simply by adding columns. The “blind pig” of the title refers to the querent’s manipulation of the face-down “Wild Card” packs without looking at the cards, relying on intuition to align them subconsciously with the best path among several possibilities. The spread assumes that those possibilities have been identified in advance, and the reading isn’t simply “a shot in the dark.” They don’t have to be explicitly named, but should at least be conceptually specific: working at a corporation, starting a business, freelancing, going to medical school, getting a technical training certificate, etc. The deck is first shuffled and cut normally by the sitter, and then dealt by the reader.

This spread is read at three levels. The bottom row shows which path is likely to be the best “fit” for the sitter’s career expectations, at least at the “scoping” stage of the investigation. It gives an early indication of the likely leading candidate. The “Wild Card” row suggests situational variables that may exist at each workplace or learning institution, and can address as many questions as the  querent chooses to ask. The majority of these will probably involve whether conditions at the various locations will be a good match for the querent’s personal style. (“Will I like my boss? Will I fit in with the culture?”) The top positions are calculated mathematically from the cards in the columns below them, using whatever “quintessence” method the reader prefers. (If you don’t know what a “quintessence” is, here is my explanation: https://parsifalswheeldivination.com/2017/08/01/the-quintessence-sub-quintessence-and-grand-quintessence/). These cards, which are always Major Arcana, give a “big picture” overview of  the chances for long-term success on each path.

A key feature of this spread is the use of face-down “wild cards,” the population of which is determined by the number of different situational angles the querent wants to explore. These cards are first dealt into equal packs above each Option Card. If there is more than one card in each pack, the sitter shuffles  these in a random fashion without looking at them. Then he or she swaps the packs around randomly under different columns until subconscious impulse says to stop. Finally, each position in the Wild Card packs, from top to bottom, is associated with one of the situational questions; this is to be done before the packs are read. An answer is then derived from the nature of the card in each position. Each pack will show the mix of different environmental conditions at its location, and their synthesis should be compared across the various career paths to see which offers the most agreeable circumstances.


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