Company in the Cross-hairs: A SWOT Road-map

The subject of “SWOT” analysis (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) comes up fairly often on the tarot forums, usually in the context of personal  circumstances rather than the corporate affairs for which it was originally intended. I can see the appeal, but I think it’s a bit mechanistic for that purpose and have created many SWOT alternative spreads that cover the same ground in a more imaginative way. In the present case, though, I decided to expand on the business applicability of the concept by creating a more full-bodied model to gauge the health of a company that finds itself at a cross-roads in terms of growth potential on one hand and creeping obsolescence on the other. This spread is designed for one deck, but different decks can be used for each operational sub-routine if it is desired to have all cards available for each focus area. Note that there is no “outcome” card for this layout since its objective is situational awareness and developmental insight.

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